About us

Twoje zdrowie to historia naszej firmy

Our company was created to take care of your health.
Mustard products have already been used by our grandparents or even our ancestors in the 17th century, when mustard seeds were commonly used in Polish houses. Mats to sleep on, bags to hang on the neck, belts with mustard seeds wrapped around the belt, were commonly used to improve the person’s health.

Today we offer you two models of SENTIEN MATS with mustard seeds manufactured only from natural components.

From the very beginning our priority was efficiency of SENTIEN medical products. The quality of mustard seeds as well as of the fabrics used is confirmed with various certificates and laboratory research.

Cooperation benefits

Training courses on the beneficial effects of natural medical products on people’s health are organized for rehabilitators and massage therapists. They are accompanied by meetings with specialists in physical therapy.

We invite stores, herb and medical wholesalers, pharmacies and pharmaceutical wholesalers to cooperate with us. We offer marketing sales support, timely deliveries and high quality of products.

We continuously expand the group of our recipients in Poland and Europe. We are constantly looking for new cooperation possibilities.
We will answer to all offers and inquiries.